Arts Connection Conference 2016

Date: October 8, 2016

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: University of Redlands - Orton Center

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Arts Connection, the arts council of San Bernardino County, holds their annual conference, From Competition to Collaboration, on Saturday, October 8.

In September, Arts Connection partnered with artist Karyl Newman to make possible the new ESRI-based crowdsourced beta  reporting application – anyone can participate by adding a geo-tagged image and description of where waste is out of place. This data can be used to organize cleanups or identify locations as material yards for adaptive reuse.

Blightsites founder, Karyl Newman will be speaking about the project as part of the panel:

Arts + Ecology: Creative Problem-solving

Join us for a passionate conversation about the critical role of the arts in generating awareness, developing solutions and activating change towards environmental health and justice. The impact of climate change is already impacting our lives and ultimately our survival. Air quality and water scarcity are real problems we face everyday in our region. How can we as visual and performing artists and administrators develop creative, collaborative projects that engage our communities in positive and effective ways? A variety of perspectives and current projects that harmoniously unite the arts and ecology in San Bernardino County will be shared and discussed.