Brick x Brick at the Women’s March Los Angeles

Date: January 18, 2020

Time: 8:30AM - ?

Location: City Hall

Art in Place

As the West Coast organizer for Brick x Brick I invited new and former Bricksters to build a wall against misogyny at City Hall.

BxB is based in NY where they make actions in front of Trump properties and once upon a time took over Time Square with a dance party. I participated in this action at Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle 2016 and people were moved to tears as we stood silently in a line for an hour holding hands while passersby stopped to read our brick jumpsuits covered in patches with the horrible statements 45 has made about women.

For the past two years the West Coast Bricksters made actions at Trump’s golf course in Palos Verdes, but many in our group wanted to take the action to the Women’s March in downtown Los Angeles.

We are met in Eagle Rock at Brickster Bonita’s place for breakfast and to suit up at 8:30am. Then we headed downtown on the Gold Line aiming to arrive at City Hall to build a wall during the stage presentations at 11am.

We found a spot and began our silent action inspiring some tears, some thumbs up and some applause from those who stopped to read our wall.