Start date: April 6, 2016

End date: April 17, 2016

Location: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

By Land or By Sea – a program of FVAF 2016 by Micol Hebron


Inspired by Mike Davis’ City of Quartz, Newman read and recorded the names of neighborhoods built along Lancaster’s Avenue K while inside the silo ruin at the socialist utopian experiment, Llano del Rio. Paired with video she captured during a 2013 dust storm where 60+ mph winds obliterated perception of space,  AVE K considers the loosening of land around new housing tracts and solar arrays in the Antelope Valley. The recording begins the podcast, The Next Step, introducing Llano del Rio’s feminist history and a CFP for the centennial event she produced with Cindy Rehm of Craftswoman House in May of 2014.

To learn about how more about how housing tracts impact the desert check out this article.